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double sided tape

8mm wide MeiFlower double sided tape. Double sided tape is the ideal adhesive to use for card making and crafts.

Two sided adhesive tape is very easy to work with, giving your work a clean finish finish as opposed to using glue which can be very messy.

This strong high tack tape has adhesive on both sides. Our tape is easy to tear, so you dont need to use scissors.
Simply tear the tape to your required length and stick onto a surface and then peel back the white backing tape to reveal a sticky surface.

Two sided tape has a high grip and is ideal for thick card, paper, ribbon and all other crafts to prevent them from falling apart.

A fantastic benefit of this sticky tape is that it dries clear as opposed to yellow. Therefore this tape is great for sticking organza ribbon and vellum without the glue from the tape showing through.

8mm wide double sided tape is ideal to use when sticking our 10mm wide plain satin, satin polka dot or grosgrain ribbon.

Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, wedding invitations, favour boxes and all other crafts.

Double sided tape comes on a 15 metre long roll.